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to less pain, more poise

The very best way to learn the Alexander Technique is to come along for lessons. There’s really no substitute for hands-on work and individual attention.

Seven Steps to Less Pain, More Poise

But there are plenty of ideas you can experiment with to get you started. I’ve created a free e-course called Seven Steps to Less Pain, More Poise. Put your name and email into the boxes below and the course is delivered straight to your in-box.

Practical help, simple ideas

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What People Say About ‘Seven Steps To Less Pain, More Poise’


It’s been very insightful reading the 7 steps which I’ve printed out and refer to regularly. Your advice has been very helpful.  Keep up the good work.
~ Marie Gerard, Legal Secretary

Thank you so much, you are helping me a lot with your tips.  I never even thought about it, but it is correct “sit on your bum”!  As soon as I received the e-mail, I sat up properly. My back is improving and I am lying on the floor every day for 20 minutes as you said. I have always found that good for my back.  Although, now I know how to do it properly. Keep up the good work, Sarah.
Patricia Jones, Tourist Information Officer

Thank you very much for this e-course.  Just to let you know I have tried the one with the orange and it does work.  I have put this step in to other areas of my life as well and at present my arthritis is manageable.  I now realise that I am putting the pressure on my joints by holding myself tense.  Since doing your course my joints have felt much easier and I do believe the relaxation has helped.  I particular liked the lying down one as I am sure it works.  Once again many thanks.
Rene Rich, retired