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The Luggage Lowdown

It’s summer and you’re off on holiday.  Admit it, you’ll probably be lugging huge quantities of stuff with you.  Here’s four ways to win the battle of the bags.

One:  Wheelie to the Side

If you have a wheelie suitcase, pull it alongside you.  Pulling it behind you is asking for trouble.  Specifically, it’s asking for a few days of pectoral and shoulder pain.  I speak from bitter experience here.  Think of your wheelie suitcase like an elderly relative – you wouldn’t drag your granny around behind you, would you?  You want to be side by side.

Two:  Bend Your Knees

It’s Posture 101, but the crush and rush of travel situations can easily make you forget.  When you pick up anything heavy, bend your knees not your back.

Most people under-use their knee and hip joints.  So bending correctly to pick up a bag will probably feel like you are sticking your bum out and going ridiculously low.  That just means it’s different from what you usually do.  You don’t look weird.

Three:  Overhead Perils

If you’re short like me, lifting your ten-ton carry-on bag up over your head is another danger point when travelling.

Plan it out first.  You don’t want to have to twist with a heavy weight, so you may need to lift in two stages.  Make sure you are on a wide base, with your feet further apart than normal so you are well rooted.  Stand close to your bag, don’t try to lift weight at arms length.  Bend your knees to pick it up, and cuddle your bag close to your belly as you unbend your legs.  Keep the weight close to you for as long as you can. Then use your arms to raise it up. Think of sending your hands away from your feet.

If in doubt, don’t go it alone.  Ask for help to hoist your bag up.

Four: Pack Less

I can’t ever manage to do this, but maybe you can.  If so, bravo to you!

Happy holidays!

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  1. Josephine says:

    Thanks Sarah I will print it and refer to it often! I don’t need any shoulder pain!

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