Get simple steps
to less pain, more poise

One-to-One Lessons

Individual, tailor-made, private. You’ll receive clear, simple verbal instruction and gentle touch.

You have four options: Intensive, Weekly and Starter packages, or the One Stop Immersion package.  To work out which is right for you think about what stage are you at now, how much commitment you want to make, and what you want to achieve.

‘I wanted to improve my posture, I just had some bad habits. With the lessons it improved substantially. I carry myself better and walk taller.  Sarah’s approach is brilliant.  She’s a very warm, outgoing person who understands Alexander Technique thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Sarah, I think she is excellent.’ – Sean O’Shea, CEO


If you’re tempted but want to make sure Alexander Technique is right for you, try this pair of two 40-minute lessons.  It’s a great way to test the water, for people completely new to the work.  This is a one-time option only, and both lessons have to be taken within three weeks. Then you move on to either the Weekly or Intensive package.

£95 one-off fee

To discuss your situation or to book, call me on 07828 636 244 or email

I had severe neck and upper back pain for some time and had tried years of physio and chiropractor therapy without any long term relief.  I knew I had postural and tension problems which were exacerbated by working in a stressful office environment. After 5-6 sessions and of course by applying what I’ve learnt in my day to day activities, my problems and pain have decreased dramatically which has made me such a happier person, I only wish I’d found out about Alexander Technique years ago!’ – Lisa Carpendale, Finance Manager


Ready to get going?  This package is for people who want to make a change.  It fits into your schedule and gives you a regular, systematic way to resolve poor posture, beat back pain or improve performance. For you, one 40-minute lesson per week plus plus personalised written materials.

£195 per month

To discuss your situation or to book, call me on 07828 636 244 or email

‘Sarah is really friendly and responsive. The lessons were well-structured and fulfilling. I was able to start applying the learning of the classes to my life straight away.’ – Tom, Policy Analyst

‘I had tried most things: Pilates, an osteopath, a chiropractor and thought I would try Alexander Technique. Now I’m much more aware of how I sit and lie and make sure I’m in a good position. The acute problems definitely lessened.’  –  Rosemary Wilson, University lecturer


The fastest way to make a difference to your life. This requires commitment, but you’ll get powerful, tangible results and it’s the best way to learn.  Two 40-minute lessons per week, personalised written materials plus unlimited phone/email support.

£390 per month

To discuss your situation or to book, call me on 07828 636 244 or email

‘I was concerned about poor posture, and I felt Sarah was someone who could help me.  I had no idea what to expect. I haven’t paid much attention to my body or to exercise – haven’t gone to the gym or attended classes.

Sarah was very professional, she made it pleasant as well as productive, and I felt I was learning, which is what I wanted from the lessons.  She is a really good teacher – I teach myself at a university.  I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is thinking of using the Alexander Technique.’ – Susan, University Professor

One Stop Immersion

Perfect if you’re just visiting London or live close but don’t have time for regular lessons.  In this intensive two-hour, one-to-one session you’ll get:

  • Easy to follow explanation of key Alexander Technique ideas
  • Postural analysis
  • Extensive hands-on guidance using gentle touch and verbal instruction
  • Suggestions for tools and strategies you can easily incorporate into your everyday life
  • Personalized selection of written materials so you’ll leave knowing exactly what to do for yourself
  • Written record of the session as a reminder
  • Optional: Daily text message reminders to keep you on track

£145 one-off fee

‘I decided to try Alexander Technique because I knew I wasn’t standing straight and I wanted an informed opinion on that. I had developed some bad habits which I wanted to do something about before they created a problem.  Sarah was very approachable and open.  She was also open to changes, and if I wanted to address a specific issue in one lesson Sarah was always open to this.’ – Lucy Coggle, Artist

To discuss your situation or to book, call me on 07828 636 244 or email

Lesson times

Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m, final appointment at 7.20 p.m


Lessons take place at 19 Bevan House, Boswell Street, London WC1N 3BT. The nearest tubes are Holborn and Russell Square.