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Looking for a new way to bring workplace well-being to your staff?  Alexander Technique offers powerful help with back pain, posture and stress.

My in-company services include customised workshops and talks, plus group or individual lessons for key executives.

If that could help your company, get in touch. Call me on 07828 636 244 or email  Aveda did, and here’s what they said:

“Sarah’s talk was a fantastic way to liven up our meeting. I asked Sarah to be our guest speaker at our 6 weekly full team meeting, as a wellness company we are always after something extra to offer our team in terms of self improvement.

So much of what we expect our team to do requires the use of their body- and if that stops working the whole business is broken! The simple tips and energising overview of the technique left the team with particular ideas to use throughout their working day.

Sarah’s manner was perfect for the moment- she adapted to what we were about and shared useful stuff that was relevant to us and our needs. My team were left with a new way of thinking about how to go about their everyday tasks, and they found it interesting that such small changes make such a massive difference.”

Michael Lendon, Growth, Quality & Care Manager and Creative Director, AVEDA Institute London

Notting Hill Housing Trust are some more of my satisfied customers:

“There had always been some interest in the Alexander Technique amongst staff at Notting hill Housing Trust, and when I discovered through a training provider that Sarah was happy to run some introduction sessions for us I jumped at the chance to gauge interest. 43 people attended the sessions, with very enthusiastic participants. With a resounding ‘yes’ for more sessions, we are exploring the best way to roll out more in depth sessions with Sarah as part of our wellbeing programme.

Sarah was an absolute pleasure to deal with, both from a technical and personal point of view.”

Nikki Beardsworth, Senior Learning & Development Advisor, Notting Hill Housing Trust

Get in touch to discuss how I can help your staff have less pain (= fewer days off), greater productivity and look and feel confident.  Call 07828 636 244 or email