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Posture: if you know you slump and slouch but just can’t help it, the Alexander Technique can give you the practical tools you need to walk tall without strain. And you’ll probably feel pretty confident about that.

Pain: A trial published in the British Medical Journal in 2008 established that the Technique is great for low back pain. In fact, it’s good for many muscular or skeletal problems such as arthritis, RSI or frozen shoulder. My Mum has Parkinson’s and osteoporosis. Alexander Technique helps her with balance and relieves stiffness.

You can watch the video summarising research published in the British Medical Journal about the benefits of the Alexander Technique for back-pain.

Pregnancy: the Technique is great for pregnant women, and pretty good for their partners too. I have trained with Ilana Machover, master Alexander teacher, doula and childbirth educator, who developed the Eutokia or ‘happy birth’ approach. So I have lots of safe, practical ideas to share with Mums-to-be.

Performance: there are many well-known actors, comedians, singers and musicians who use Alexander Technique to help them in their work. It is taught at the most prestigious music and drama schools in the world. But you don’t have to be a Hollywood star. The Technique can also help with presentations at work, or any kind of public speaking or teaching situation. Athletes also benefit, and some have even won Olympic gold medals. So if exercise is your thing, the Technique can bring another dimension to your workout.

People: the Technique can be a profound tool for self-development. You might find yourself more in control of your choices, calmer and even happier.

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